Since updating windows internet wont connect

I share my apartment with a few other guys, and having to disrupt their internet connectivity every single time I turn on my laptop - is not just a minor convenience anymore (not that they haven't voiced their concerns over this, anyway).I looked at this No internet connection after upgrade to Windows 10 question, and tried to check my "advanced adapter options", but it all seemed correct (attaching pictures below).I've just upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, but after upgrading I can't connect to the internet. Even though it says it's connected I cannot open any page and the troubleshoot helper says that I'm not connected to any network. Good to see this question and answer solve a few issues others had, original thought it was a specific configuration I had when experienced this that was a virtual Wifi-bridge with the problem until I spotted these options were changed! My problem was the Comodo firewall; right after I uninstalled and restarted, the internet was working fine. It is recommended to remove anti-virus of all types as one of the steps to trouble shoot this. I know I'm a bit late, but I just wanted to say thanks, this solution did work for me (I was also connected but with no internet).After the update my adapter have been stuck on limited access and won't connect to the router. I use two wifi adapters on my pc; A D-Link DWA-556 and an Edimax usb adapter(RT73 I think). The router still connects to the dozens of other laptops, computers and smartphones in this house fine so it's only my pc that won't connect.

If anyone wants to know exactly what updates they were just ask.The only way I got around this until now, was to manually reboot the wifi router, and as soon as the router would come back up, Windows 10 would instantly get connected.I have no idea how/why this worked, but while it did work fine up until sometime back, I can't keep doing this anymore.Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?i have a compaq presario CQ62 laptop, i have always used it to watch tv using a hdmi cord with no problems.

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