Pacthesis new dating games

So, after some pondering of what should my first post be about, I decided to dedicate it to the wonderful world of Pacthesis’ games.For those who don’t know who she is, Pacthesis (aka Amy) is the creator of several flash sim dates in Deviantart (most of them made when she was in High School! But right now, understandably, she is busy with life and has been on a hiatus for almost two years. Welp, I think it’s better for you to play it so that the ride is more fun, but I’ll definitely say this game is just as funny as it is sad (though heartwarming as well, and even mysterious at times). There’s an overall of nine short episodes PLUS a sequel of eight.You have 30 days to improve your guitar skills and find love among the stars around a Dating Sim by Pacthesis that you can find here.Did it ever occur to you that you can find something so entertaining, fulfilling and exciting that can make you feel better at least for a while without feeling any pain?

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They are also stat-raising dating sims so you need to talk to the guys in order to earn EXP with them and be likeable enough for them to go on dates with you (it’s best to focus on one character at a time).After her brief run-ins with them, she eventually has to return home.A year later, her father gets a new job in West Cigam, and she and her family move into the summer home.This system also applies to other things like playing mini games or working to earn money.After you get certain endings, several cheats become available for more convenient playthroughs.

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