Mormon carbon dating

The Institute used to send out a long response listing several perceived inaccuracies in the Book of Mormon but has Nonetheless, the impulse to test the Book of Mormon against science continues, and Miller seeks to contribute to the discussion. Then the remainder of the book discusses animals (pp. The first is that, “We can’t be positive that each animal with its translated name corresponds exactly to our present understanding of that animal” (p. This important point has long been derided by critics of Mormonism on the Internet, but I’ve yet to see anyone else explain just what Nephi, with his Hebrew or Egyptian language, was supposed to call a tapir or any other species discovered in his new environment for which his native language had no words.

“The intent of this book is to add to the body of knowledge relating to science and the Book of Mormon using my paleontological and geological background” (p. Miller also takes time to clarify that he follows John L. Both loan-shifting and translator’s Some protest that the Book of Mormon is the “most correct book,” “translated by the gift and power of God,” and hence should not manifest such “incorrect” labeling. Miller has personally been involved in excavating mammoth remains in Mexico (p. He explains, “The Columbian mammoth (actually a true elephant) … In light of this, it seems that insisting that there were any true “elephants” in the Americas, as indicated in the critic’s quote above, is entirely untenable.

Joseph Smith and other prophets have made statements that indicated that certain Biblical events were indeed historical and not merely parables.

Doing so would require us to misrepresent the current state of scientific evidence.

This claim also fails to interact responsibly with a fairly large body of literature which has led most LDS scholars to reject the Great Lakes region as a feasible match to the Book of Mormon's requirements.

This conclusion will, of course, need to be revised if further information comes to light.

An additional argument for a Great Lakes setting is made on textual grounds.

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