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In this series Angela takes an intimate look at what gets us off. Never one to sit on the sidelines, Scanlon delves head first into each of the subjects.She explores the nation's self-conscious and sometimes uncomfortable relationship with the naked body.Every experience has helped me to grow and develop in ways I would’ve never imagined.The idea always seemed daunting at first, after all, doing anything alone — even just going out to dinner or a movie — is usually stereotyped as being “antisocial,” but I tried to remain undeterred. When I took my first solo-adventure trip to The Big Island, Hawaii, I was looking to find room for myself in a life populated by the needs of the world around me.I was also constantly hyper-aware of the reality that my family was deep “in the struggle.” My mother — who was always working between 2 and 3 jobs — was often tired and in need of tons of support.And as a child, I was only able to give it in limited ways.She gets up close and personal with naturists and their bits in Drumshambo (host of World Naturist Congress this September), watches 'real' women bare all in a bid to make peace their bodies and sees a very different side to Rosanna Davison, Ireland's first ever playboy centrefold. Undergoing her very own extreme make-over, the tables are turned on Angela as she sheds her signature style to test drive the look that Ireland loves most.She gets to grips with the suggestion that she needs liposuction and looks at the growing obsession with a robust derriere and world of "bum jobs".

HP has put a lot of thought into the design, and the end result is a slim yet substantial hybrid device that you can use for work or entertainment.

As soon as the plane landed in Hawaii and there was no one there to greet me, the immediate sense that I was all by myself set in.

I slung my huge backpack onto my shoulders, equip with a tent and a sleeping bag (although I had never camped a day in my life before) and set off to find a spot to sleep.

For the most part it handled a range of action and colour without much difficulty.

There are decent viewing angles on it too, which works well when you use the kickstand.

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