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It's even more the case if you've been in a relationship with someone for years - relationships get boring.How excited can you be about sleeping with the same person for the 1000th time?There's no denying it: it's fun sleeping with someone you barely know.

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This is the feeling that we like to recreate at Just One Night

Research on more than 300 new mothers found chocoholics — who indulged every day during pregnancy — had babies described as more outgoing, less fearful, less frustrated and more easily soothed than their counterparts who ate chocolate weekly, seldom or never while pregnant.

Couples love to speculate about whom their children take after more.

Now, with my Instagram still attached to my dating apps, the men who choose to continue the conversation and ask me out have truly intrigued me.

If they weren’t savvy enough to check out my social media first, telling the guy on our first date has become routine for me, and successful for the most part.

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