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Finally I gave up and deleted the App Pool (that used to stop on accessing the website) and created it again, as it is. For anyone coming here with Windows 10 and after updating them to Anniversary update, please check this link, it helped me: In case link goes down: If your Event log shows that aspnetcore.dll, (most often, but could be others as well) failed to load, you have to repair the missing items.Here are two specific issues we've experienced so far and how to fix them, but you may bump into completely different ones: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\rewrite.dll" (reference) Go to "Programs and Features" (Win X, F) and repair "IIS URL Rewrite Module 2".So for example if the package in question contains .

One possible reason this might happen is that the Application Pool in IIS is configured to run under some custom account and this account either doesn't exist or a wrong password has been provided.

For information about how to test the Active Directory schema extensions, see Testing for Active Directory Schema Extension Conflicts in the Active Directory Domain Services documentation.

You can extend the Active Directory schema by running the file located in the SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 folder on the Configuration Manager installation media.

There are number of posts on this and I have tried many a things by now. Myself a Winforms Developer basically, started working on this Web stuff few days back as my company is taking Web initiatives. I then turned on WAS using turn windows features on/off.

First it said that : "The description for Event ID 5059 from source Microsoft-Windows-WAS cannot be found".

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