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Dalton collaborated with another Lone Star State son, Jack Ingram, for the retrospective song "Corners." Dalton told One Country: "This song was a confessional for me and a realization of my past.

I wrote 'Corners' at a period of time in my life where I had a brief pause in hating myself for the things I did in my past.

“But what is interesting is getting to ask those questions.

At least let’s acknowledge that these are complicated questions and that there isn’t a right answer or a wrong answer.

Leaden skies match the nostalgic melancholy and earnest wonder of the song.

Pick a card, any card Don't show it to me Abracadabra I've got nothin' up my sleeve And I may get it wrong or get it right But either way I'm standing in the light Where nothing is hid I'm the magic kid The 12-year-old working the bar with card tricks, Eli Carll, demonstrates the natural showmanship of his father, and the same drowsy but penetrating eyes, only darker.

Kate's assistant Debbie builds Kate an online dating profile, using her own name.

It became an emotional relationship and one that you become nostalgic for when it’s gone. I’ll always love him and Kiefer will always love him.

Jack is as real to me as many people I really know. ” That’s not to gloss over the controversy that has aroused over the years, particularly in its depiction of torture.

The songwriter stares toward the back of the Little Longhorn Saloon, where the door stands open to a gray day spitting rain.

In an hour, friends and their families will start arriving at the small Burnet Road honky-tonk for the finale of a video for his new song, "The Magic Kid." Today's shoot calls for a barbecue scene in the parking lot, but the weather is forcing some improvisation.

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